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We have centrally located servicing facilities. Warm professionalism and a single minded dedication to quickly satisfy your every need, because our customers are our only priority. Every vehicle Serviced by Powai Auto Works not only has "The Maruti warranty" but also has a Powai Auto Works Warranties !!
The entire service station spans on a large area and is primarly located in an area which is accessible. It has open service station wherein the customer can see his car being handled by the service technicians, and serviced completely.


The Car Mart : At our Workshop you get only Maruti Genuine Parts and latest Accessories at a very reasonable price.         
The Car Wash:
It is here that we bathe the cars and dress them up with our dedicated work force


The Car Anti-Corrosion Anti Rust Treatment-: Complete rust proofing of your beloved car to enhance it's life. The Car Miracle finish relieves you of all your worries regarding maintenance of car shine by bringing to you this treatment for protecting the surface from Oxidation, Corrosion, Color Fading and dust thus giving your car high gloss and creating Mirror finish that is beyond compare with One Year Warranty.


The Paint Booth : Here we have the latest technologies to color your car to the nearest shade which would be the best. We also specialise in minor touch up paint jobs.                           Accident Work : We also specialise in denting and painting Work with the help of latest equipments. We cater to denting and painting works of all type of cars


The Air Condition Service Bay : We also have the best of Car Air-conditioning servicing and care. The equipment used for servicing and filling gas is the best available in the market. 


The Pneumatic Tools: We have special pneumatic tools to Overhaul Engine/ Gear Box to remove bolts and screws efficiently and quickly. This saves time required by the technician for every car. The Final Inspection Procedure The final inspection supervisor checks that all problems mentioned in the job order by the customer is attended & rectified.. The final inspection procedure is displayed in the main servicing bay, where the car is checked completely, as per the procedures, and then it is rolled out of the servicing bays. 


The PUC Certification: We have a state of the art equipment, for PUC certification of cars, which is approved by The Regional Transport Authority. The machine used for PUC certification is placed in the servicing bays. We have the best equipment for Computerized wheel balancing of cars. 


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