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Flat Battery?

We'll find out why

How to Maintain Battery

1. Regularly check battery's eye (a small light indicator on top of battery).
    If the light in the eye is Green it means you battery is in good condition,
    If the light in the eye is Gray it means you need to change the battery and
    If the light is the eye is Red it means your battery is dead.

2. Continuously check, the water in the battery should not dry.

3. Do not keep light on for more than 4 hrs at at stretch. Take care of this while parking your vehicle

5. Ensure the battery cables are original and fixed tightly, a battery can run-down if connected loose.

6. Avoide using acessories (Air Conditioner, Music System etc.) for more than 10-15 mins during idling. NOTE: Idling is a state in which the car is not moving, is stand still, but the engine is running.

Faulty or flat batteries are one of the most popular callout problems. Stop-start or short journeys can deplete batteries if they are not regularly recharged.

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